Top 10 Academic Library Websites 2014

Here are my favorite academic libraries of 2014. I expected this year’s sites to be:

  • Unified – I wanted a seamless, integrated research experience.  I looked for cross-platform search tools, integration with courses,  and built-in, non-siloed research guides.
  • Instructive – I wanted the site to teach me how to be a better researcher.  I looked for embedded information literacy instruction and point-of-need help features.
  • Accessible – I wanted the site to be accessible by anyone from any device.

Here are the 2014 winners:

1) North Carolina State University

  • The NCSU Library has long been user-focused – as evidenced by their many user studies.
  • Their search tool searches across both resources and services, and has a powerful suggest-as-you-type feature that allows users to get quickly to what they need.
  • Courses are well-integrated into the site, with Course Tools that include both suggested resources and reserves.
  • The library’s research Guides are also well-integrated, keeping users on the library site.
  • Point-of-need help such as “What am I searching?”  next to search boxes and “Help Finding Articles” on the articles page.
Detail of NCSU search box showing suggestions

Detail of NCSU search dropdown

2) Cornell University 

  • This is my pick for this year’s Best Large Research library website.
  • This year they launched a new custom-built single search tool that searches across the library’s resources, website, and LibGuides.
  • The site supports their entire research community: while well-equipped for advanced researchers (check out the Current Awareness page with good tips on keeping up with scholarly journals), it also has plenty of built-in help for beginners, including an excellent Introduction to Research page.

3) Portland State University

  • This library is all about teaching users how to become better researchers: I love their interactive and modular DIY Library teaching tool.  The site is also packed with tutorials, how to’s, and workshops.
  • I also like the ease of course reserves searching, and prominence of course information.
PSU's Library DIY interactive tutorial

PSU’s Library DIY interactive tutorial

4) Wake Forest University

  • This site is my pick for Most Accessible – this was the only library I found that got a perfect score when tested for conformity with website accessibility standards.
Wake Forest University Library homepage

Wake Forest University Library homepage

5) Ithaca College 

  • A small college (<7000 FTE) with a great website.  Responsive, modern, and intuitive.   Featured on this list four years in a row!
  • Social interaction is encouraged by their home page”Talkback.”
  • Nicely integrated research and course guides.
  • Help is embedded throughout the site – see the Help Finding Articles link on the articles page, or call numbers explained on the books page, or “Why do we cite?” on the citation page.
  • They also have a great modular research tutorial, Research 101, that walks students through the research and search process.

6) Brigham Young University

  • Recently re-designed:  Modern, attractive, and fully responsive.
  • Non-bibliographic content such as library services and even librarian’s names are included in their single search tool.
  • Instructive:  I like the Articles page, with the prominent text “why should I also try databases and journals?”
BYU articles page

BYU articles page

7) Champlain College

  • This small college (<3000 FTE) is my pick for Best Small Library website.
  • Lots of help – this site is clearly focused on helping students through the entire research experience, with easy-to-find help for everything from writing an annotated bibliography to evaluating sources.
  • Research How Tos
  • Mobile friendly

8) University of Minnesota

UMN e-books help page

UMN e-books help page

9) University of British Columbia

  •  Jargon-free site: uses familiar language such as “Use the Library” and “Get Research Help.”
  • Their guides for library users help new users get started, and they’ve created customized guides for Undergraduates, Graduates, Faculty, Distance Students, and even Staff and Community.

10) McGill University

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