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I recently spoke to a local library co-op about designing user-centered library websites.  In this post I thought I’d share the list of resources I compiled as part of that presentation.  Below are some sites, blogs, books, articles, and tools that I have found useful in my own web design projects.  They are organized into four areas:

I.  Usability resources

Usability Guidelines from

Krug, Steve. (2005).  Don’t make me think: A commonsense approach to web usability. 2nd ed.  Indianapolis: New Riders.

Steve Krug’s website:

Jakob Nielsen’s website:

“Top 10 mistakes in website design” by Jakob Nielsen:

Mobile Usability from Jakob Nielsen:

II. Library website design section on website design:

Library terms that users understand / John Kupersmith:

ALA’s website wiki – resources as well as listing of award winning sites:

Public library website guidelines from Rhode Island State Library:

College library website of the month from ALA:

“Usability in the library” – University of Michigan’s usability site:

The “One-Pager” from Influx – a very simple, mobile-friendly, usability-tested library website template: – a good library blog on usability:

Library User Experience – an excellent usability blog from the University of Virginia:

Accessible design for library websites:

III. Mobile library website design

Mobile friendly library websites:  a step-by-step guide to creating
mobile sites using CSS:

How to create a mobile library site  without technical knowledge:

Blog post comparing mobile library sites:

Tips on designing and developing mobile website from Code4Lib:

Good blog: Mobile learning, libraries, and technologies:

W3C Mobile Checker – check to see if your site is mobile compatible:

Library Anywhere – a mobile library site app:

Mobile site creation:


Winksite (free):

Zinadoo (free):

WordPress plugin (free) – will create a mobile version of your WP site:

IV.  Accessibility resources

ADA best practices toolkit:

Accessibility chapter from

Section 508 guidelines:

United States Access Board: a federal agency committed to accessible design:

Good blog post comparing free screen readers:

Demo version of JAWS screen reader:

Free screen readers:

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