Am I a library traitor? Seduced by Netflix

I just became a Netflix member and purchased a Roku box to stream directly to my TV.   Result? I no longer go to my public library for movies.  I also recently moved to a town with a very small library that does not get the newest books fast enough, and there is a lovely independent bookstore downtown, so I’m buying books as well.   Granted, I donate them to the library after I read them, but I buy them.

What is happening to me?  I’ve been a zealously loyal supporter of public libraries since I was big enough to reach the circ desk.  But I simply don’t have the patience anymore.  As Emily White recently wrote in her controversial blog post on music sharing, I’m willing to pay for convenience.  I too yearn for a Netflix/Spotify-like  “universal database”  of all books, music, and movies – and yes, scholarly journal articles — in one easily accessible place.  I don’t need to “own” all this stuff – I just need to be able to access them whenever I like and keep “playlists” of what I love.

I’m ready for the Galactic Library.  Whoever can deliver it to me will earn my undivided loyalty, and my dollars.

One thought on “Am I a library traitor? Seduced by Netflix

  1. Sounds good to me. I admit I haven’t been to my library in ages. And half the books I buy are digital, because I can get what I want when I want. Although there’s still no good digital substitute for a big sumptuous art book…

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