Academic libraries using WordPress CMS

Need to redesign your academic library’s website?  Considering switching from your institution’s CMS to WordPress?  You are not alone!

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has increasingly gained popularity in libraries as a content management system.  This has been especially true of public libraries, but more academic libraries are turning to WordPress as well.

Here are five examples I’ve found of academic libraries using WordPress:

University of Miami

McDaniel College

Elmhurst College

Lincoln Memorial University

Lake Washington Institute of Technology 

How to tell what CMS a site is using:

There is no surefire way, but I like using Wappalyzer, a free Firefox addon.  Want to see what theme a WordPress site is using?  I like

Know of other examples?  

Please share by leaving a comment.  Thanks!




4 thoughts on “Academic libraries using WordPress CMS

  1. I’ve always wondered how I might implement WordPress as a library CMS (my library will be migrating to Drupal). Thanks for putting the list of implementers together. I love the look of the Miami homepage. They did an admirable job of masking the behind-the-scenes switches to other platforms (the catalog, SerialSolutions, etc.).

    I am definitely bookmarking that WP theme-sniffing tool. It found the parent/child themes on my websites with no problem :) Plugins must not be as easy to detect because the tool was a little hit or miss.

    My current favorite academic WP implementation is for the Indiana University Cinema.

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