Usable Library of the Week – Portland State University

This week’s usable library is:

Portland State University

What I like:

Library DIY tutorials

Library DIY tutorials


Available computer widget


LibGuides – subject and course guides


One thought on “Usable Library of the Week – Portland State University

  1. In my short time working on Emory’s LibGuides, I feel like we could relaly do more to create a uniformity in our guides. (If it were up to me, I would limit us to using just two columns of boxes per page.) But you’re right that much of what librarians write on these guides could be duplicated. Perhaps we need to be lobbying libraries to make more of their reference material like LibGuides Creative Commons licensed? Then again, it’s helped me better learn our collections to create a subject guide. And since I don’t actually think many students use them (a hunch I’ve got no data), then making a new one ex nihilo might be the best approach after all.

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